StreetArt Tyreplus Toowoomba is your preferred wheel supplier for Toowoomba & the Darling Downs. With the knowledge and experience of our team, you can be confident you are making the best choice for your vehicle, budget and safety. We offer a large range to suit most vehicles and personal taste. Supplying all the top brands in sizes from 13” up to 22” for all vehicle types such as Vintage, Passenger, SUV & 4x4.
StreetArt Tyreplus Toowoomba also offer a measurement service for those not so common vehicles; such as old classics or vehicles that have custom modifications. Ensuring the correct fitment and peace of mind for your vehicle.
We also stock a range of second-hand wheels for spares, replacements or customers with a smaller budget. 
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Our Brands 


Allied Wheels

Brands: Allied Wheels, Boss Wheels, Performance Wheels

Style: Vintage & 4x4


BSA Wheels

Brands: AU, BSA, Black Manda, G2, V8 & More

Style: Passenger, SUV, 4x4, Van


CSA Alloy Wheels

Brands: CSA & Konig

Style: Passenger, 4x4 & Steel


Dynamic Wheel Co

Brands: American Outlaw, Dynamic, Dick Cepek, Dirty Life, Elite, Mickey Thompson & More

Style: 4x4, SUV, Van, Beadlock, Steel

Kings Wheels

Style: Passenger, SUV, 4x4, Steel, GVM+ & Trailer


Lenso Wheels

Style: Passenger & 4x4

Neta Tires and Wheels

Neta Tires and Wheels

Brands:Loaded, Diesel, SSW Performance & Gecko

Style: Passenger, 4x4, Steel


OX Wheels

Brands:OX, IFG, KiKi & Varro

Style: Passenger, 4x4, Steel


PDW Group

Brands: BlackStar, Procast, PDW, Cast13, Forge Auto, Gianna

Style: Passenger, SUV, 4x4, Steel


ROH Wheels

Style: Passenger, 4x4, Steel


Speedy Wheels

Style: Passenger, 4x4, Steel



Brands: American Racing, Asanti, DUB, Foose, Fuel, Helo, KMC, Moto Metal, Niche, Rotiform, US Mag, XD & More

Style: Vintage, Passenger, SUV, 4x4