StreetArt can repair most alloy wheels at a fraction of the cost of replacement value.

What can we do?

  • Repair Bends, Buckles & Cracks
  • Repair Gutter Scrapes & Cosmetic Damage (Inc. Painted, Shadow Chrome, Hyper & Machined Faces Finishes)
  • Change the colour or finish of your rims
  • Refurbish Old School alloys such as Jelly Bean, Hotwire, Globe etc.

We provide Non-Obligational Quotes. Quotes are based on labour time. To accurately quote, we require to physically see the rim to verify Paint, Design & Depth of Damage to the Rim. If you live out of town, we can give a rough estimate by clear photos but firm price will still only be confirmed once seen physically. It is at our discretion if a deposit is required before repairs can be started.

Repairs 1

Repairs 4

Repairs 3

Repairs 2